That moment when you realize what a shit you have done.

Let’s make it clear. I do not like it here, but I guess this is consequences for making a lot of irresponsible decisions. I used to live in New Zealand, and I had a few hard and depressive moments there, but I did like living there. Story of Cambodia started in New Zealand, when I met my partner, my soul mate, person who I in-loved at the first moment.(Un)fortunately for me he is British and I am from Kazakhstan, and I have to tell you this is freaking complicated. At some point of our relationship, his visa extension application had been declined and he had to go back in the UK. I have stayed in New Zealand, but after a while, we decided I have to go in the UK as well. So I did. What I didn’t do that I didn’t make any proper research about visa possibilities and requirements, and this mistake made us look for the visa-easy country. This country was Cambodia.

To be honest, when we just arrived in Phnom Penh I thought it is not so bad for third world county. First two weeks we traveled around, stayed in good hotels and enjoyed my last days of vacation. I think generally first 6 months were quite comfortable for me. I had my job, actually two, working online from a comfortable sofa in the nice apartment on the 10th floor was good. As far as I stayed inside apartment building everything was fine. Then “Cambodia” happened. We start having a few big issues with our apartment building, power bills, construction next to our building, gym and much more, so we decided to move out. We moved in the city centre, in the big and bright apartment, that looked perfect at the time…. And then “Cambodia” happened again. Noise, dust, dogs, gaps in windows, smell….. oh it was hard, it was really hard for us to keep living in Phnom Penh, in addition, big devaluation happened in Kazakhstan (I worked remotely full time with Kazakh company) and my monthly income three times went down. I couldn’t work 40+ hours a week for payment that hardly covered any spending. So I quit my job. I supposed to start another one in Phnom Penh, but it is a different story. By May 2016, we decided enough is enough. We had to change something in our lives – we moved in Siem Reap. We have been there before and liked it more than Phnom Penh. We packed and moved.

Here is the main shit started. Everything that happened to us since was/is wrong. I could never imagine that life can be so cruel, unfair and complicated. To live in this Country, in this particular town you MUST be the right person, otherwise, you will suffer.

In this “Cambodia” section I will explain everything that happened (s) here. Step-by-step I will tell you our story. From arrival till the current moment.


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