I used to….

I am on the stage of my life when I can’t fully describe what I am actually doing. When people ask me what I am doing for a living I don’t know what to answer. I always say I used to be… I used to be a kitchen furniture designer in Italian furniture company “Scavolini” when I was 18. I used to be a digital project manager at Media Company. I used to be digital marketing manager and furniture designer again. I used to ba a social media manager for Jack&Jones, Vero Moda, Name it and Camaieu. I used to be a marketing manager at education agency. Now, I don’t know. I am helping my partner to make his dream come true. We run a small restaurant together and this is the main part of my life at the moment, but unfortunately this is far away from what I used to do. I can’t call myself co-owner because if it will be up to me I would never do it. I can’t say that I am working in the restaurant business because I don’t want hospitality experience in my CV.

So what am I doing for a living? I try to keep my CV updated and find the way how to add more art in my life, without being a graphic designer. I am helping run restaurant by doing advertising and creating social media content, designs, budgeting and do accounting. I am helping other business with social media marketing and designs. I do freelance projects with websites updates, content writing, English to Russian text adaptation. I draw pet portraits and fashion portraits. I am trying to set showroom I the gallery and start print production in Cambodia, as I already have Prints on Demand for the USA, UK and Australia, I really want to do it here in Cambodia for more affordable price. Doing all of this I wish to have more hours in day and twice more energy in myself.


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