Drawing Cambodia. Prasat Kravan Temple

Temples of Angkor the main reason why people visiting Cambodia. To my big shame, I didn’t know much about Angkor wat and territory around. I knew it exists, but I didn’t know the full story. I am in the process to catch up, but an incredible amount of unpronounceable names of Cambodian kings, gods, and mixed mythology making this task not so easy. Martin is always planning all our holiday activity, so the first visit to Angkor wat wasn’t an exception. Generally, when you book a tour to the Temples you have two options, small tour, and a big tour. Small tour includes main, the most popular temples: Angkor Wat, Bayon (4-way head), and Ta Prohm (Lara Croft movie). Martin had his own plan of temples that he wants to see. They all were on small tour area, but usually, people miss them.

One of them is Prasat Kravan. Very small temple, dedicated to Vishnu, has unique for this period of time (early 10th century) brick bas-reliefs. When we just got there, I couldn’t understand the system of construction and purpose of this building, I don’t think many people can. If you are not somehow connected to the Buddhism, history, architecture or mythology it possibly will be just another old building for you.

The reason, why I liked to visit this temple, is privacy. It was no tourists there, just us. We actually could explore around in peace.

As I started drawing series of Cambodian Temples, this temple becomes my second completed poster. No mortar was used in Prasat Kravan temple, but vegetable compound instead, for this reason, bricks appear very precise.

Visiting Cambodia try to make some research about temples, and what do you want to see, and what is this all about. Since February 1st tickets price had been increased, instead of paying $20 for one day pass, it costs $37 now. I personally would recommend plan your tour with Lisa, she is the owner of Siem Reap Rooms Guesthouse. Even if you are staying at any other hotel, book your tour through her will worth it.


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