Drawing that makes difference

Last week a lot of things happened. A lot of frustrating things happened. As for me personally, only one thing is significantly important. I got an amazing commission drawing, that definitely will be added to my artist CV, I got an order to create wildlife drawing for the silent auction, which is part of fundraising for Cambodian Nature Film! This is absolutely amazing!

Fauna in Focus is a new environmental education and public awareness project for Cambodia. Fauna in Focus is setting out to develop a host of different awareness campaigns to promote wildlife conservation and environmental education in various audiences. Their work focuses on inquiry-based wildlife education programs, the development of new teaching materials and the production of media-based communications resources. On March 18th, they host an amazing event to support Cambodian Nature Film Premiere. You can view a short video here

I feel so honored to be a part of such an astonishing activity. That feeling when your drawing can actually make a difference. So, what I actually did. I draw a monkey, not just a monkey, but stunning red-shanked douc. Final picture has a background and looks bright and colourful. I will publish final one after the event, as a post factum. Right now I just want to share with you work in progress, and “my style” picture on a clear white background.


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