A story how we ride 26 km for warm beer. 

Last week we decided to visit some temples near our house. Google said it should be free of charge, it was old information, but we didn’t know it at the moment. Anyway, I checked the road, reviews, distance, asked a few friends about this temple and we decide that I will be able to do it. (I am lazy and don’t do ANY physical exercises at all and never ride bicycle before). Temple name is Phnom Krom. This temple is actually in my list of temples that I am going to draw. Shame that we haven’t seen it.

Back to the actual ride.

We all know that driving rules don’t exist in SEA, it can be very tricky to ride a bicycle here in Cambodia. Especially if you never did it before (like me). Shame to admit, but 2 weeks ago I got my first bicycle. It’s fun. I like it. I ride with speed of a crazy snail, so generally, I am fine. No major accidents so far. We woke up at 6 AM, prepared breakfast/lunch, got a bicycle for Martin and went to the Temple. Surprisingly for us, the road was not so bad, looks like they repaired it recently, not so many holes and stones, and if forget crazy drivers around I could say that riding there was quite enjoyable. While riding down the river we saw two crocodile farms (no crocodiles there), big pagoda (now we know where sound coming from), school, and a lot of greenery. At some point, road and river will be separated and here is beautiful part starts, and good condition road finish. During next 3-5 km we were riding between lotus farms, so many amazing flowers. Unfortunately, civilization going to hit them soon. Local families (farm owners possibly) have some hammock areas, where you can rest and enjoy a drink with view on endless lotuses. Soon enough it won’t be many views from the road, because of construction every 10 meters. New places are going to look cool and modern, some of them already have a proper coffee machine, but I think they are ruining the idea. Just too many of them and all look same. Considering that we haven’t seen a lot of tourists (none to be honest), I don’t understand what a reason to do it.

In the end of lotus farms’ road will be a village, Phnom Krom, and two possible ways to the temples. You can ride up hill or use stairs. Big, high, uncomfortable stairs.We obviously choose stairs. Stairs go only half way, to ticket checkpoint, after (if you have a ticket) it will be another 2 km up the hill (as a person who checks tickets said). We didn’t have tickets, so we just walked a bit and had our sandwiches sitting on the rocks. It was quite a good view of the village, pagoda, and landscape in general.

On way back, we stopped in one of hammock cafe. Let’s say it was weird. They used fishing/mosquito net to make hammocks, they have a fishing area (for foreigners only!), food is quite pricy, considering location and condition. (Rice with chicken $4.50, when in town $2.00 and it will be safe to eat). We decided to have a few drinks and have some rest, after about 5 minutes we got our warm beer and warm water…. so we didn’t stay long there.

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