Floating village pic.#1

Not so long time ago I have started graphic design project here in Siem Reap. As part of this project, I drew a few pictures inspired by floating village. It was quite challenging for me because I, personally, don’t find  Asian floating villages interesting, but for many people, this is one of main tourist attractions while they are traveling through SEA. Before this project, I didn’t realize that it any difference between floating village in Thailand and floating village in Cambodia, or Vietnam, or Burma, but now I know the difference, and I think I can recognize different house structure between them.

At the same time as I got this project, I have decided stop selling through Fine Art America and closed my shop there. This POD website has several good options, but require way too much time to promote, that simply not worth it, at least for me. While my expat life, I cannot set proper online store and focusing on the production of my prints and items (and shipping is a massive problem), I have to use POD websites. I decided to move myself to the redbubble.com, which is very “hipstery” but I hope it will work for me at least on the same level as FAA.

How is it all connected? Well, as I decided to “relocate” myself, I am planning to renew portfolio and focus my RB shop on travel and fashion illustration mostly. Durig the next a few days/weeks, I will make a few posts with one illustration per post, with a link to my RB shop, so if some of you interested, you can buy something there. I am planning to set “digital prints” on Etsy, but honestly not sure if anyone ever buys them.

Anyway, back to the floating village. This Picture is one of the first that I drew, and it is one of my favorite. Generally, I draw fast but this one took me a couple of days to complete. But I love it. Clear, detailed, sketched illustration. This illustration mostly represents Vietnamese floating village or Thai floating market. Thai floating market is not so bad, I mean yes, it will be 10 000 people around you, mostly Chinese, the smell of BBQ and sellers who will not leave you alone till you by something, but it is pretty clean and organized compared to other ones. So, if you are wondering why is it not Cambodian floating village… well… people in boats in Cambodian floating village don’t have flowers or food, may be fish, but not as big selection, in addition, Tonle Sap is a very big lake, people have a lot of space to travel on boat without interrupting another one. And you more likely will see a child in the floating bucket then something like this.

Here is the link on the redbubble shop on items with floating village pic.#1

I would love to hear your opinion in the comment.

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