Common Cambodia

  1. No common sense on any level
  2. Private space doesn’t exist
  3. Construction 24/7
  4. Wedding party in the middle of street 3 days minimum
  5. Funeral in the middle of street 7 days
  6. Use massive commercial speakers for home karaoke is the must
  7. Take new born child on motorbike is normal
  8. Have 5 people on motorbike is normal as well
  9. Rubbish collection in Phnom Penh every day, rubbish collection in Siem Reap once per week if you are lucky enough to live on main road
  10. Road rules – cars in priority, all pedestrians are invisible, everyone colour blind
  11. Never look at mirror when you reverse
  12. Car hit you, you are white, this is obviously your fault
  13. Collect payment for internet/cable tv/ rubbish collection during working hours on weekdays is making sense, leave you receipt that you can pay later – is not.
  14. Charge you three times higher on market then in shop just because you are white is normal and acceptable
  15. No public toilets, walls and trees are their public toilets.
  16. Rubbish bins – never heard about it
  17. NGO is like church here, if you are not part of it or not supporting it you are evil
  18. Pavement is extra line for motorbikes